Powder coating in seconds in the smallest of spaces.

With the TransApp® coating process, powder application in over 1m/s and a modular system design becomes reality. Instead of the powder spray guns, an electrostatic fluidized bed is used for powder application.



Advantages compared to powder spray guns:


  • Low overspray quantities

  • High film thickness uniformity

  • High coating speed

  • High energy and resource efficiency

  • Little space required

  • Scalable fluidized bed

  • Flexible, modular design of the plant


Description of the process:


The powder paint is brought into a liquid-like state in a fluidized bed and electrostatically charged via high-voltage electrodes. When grounded workpieces move over the fluidized bed, the powder is attracted upwards towards the workpieces. This results in only minimal overspray quantities. Most of the powder that is not deposited falls back into the fluidized bed.


The TransApp® system is designed and adjusted to the layer thickness and process speed required by the customer. The layer thickness can be controlled by adjusting the electrodes to suit the specific workpiece.


The powder re-dosing is regulated and controlled by the high-precision level monitoring system.

The workpiece is handled for example by means of a robot or in continuous throughput operation.

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